The InterCap consortium is proud to welcome the ANGEL network in their Community of Practice established in the frame of the project for providing a venue for partners, associates and interested stakeholders to learn and discuss issues relating to migration, education and sustainable development all partner countries and at EU level, exchange knowledge and ideas and enrich their knowledge base. ANGEL is the Academic Network on Global Education and Learning aiming to forge a European community of researchers and scholars in the field of Global Education, who, despite the existing important cooperation and personal links, do not benefit from a structural framework of support across Europe. This network has been established in close cooperation between Global Education Network of Europe (GENE) and the Development Education Research Centre (DERC) at the UCL Institute of Education.

The Liverpool World Centre participated in the ANGEL’s annual event on the 9th & 10th of May 2019 held at Goodenough College in Bloomsbury, London, representing InterCap – information about the project was shared widely and sparked considerable interest. The ANGEL Conference 2019 was a key UK event for those working in, or with an interest in, Global Education research. ANGEL welcomed approximately 170 UK based and international participants. Keynote speeches from Professors William Guadelli of Leigh University College of Education, USA, and Elina Lehtomaki of Oulu University, Finland, explored current challenges for global education. These included the need to shift thinking away from state-centric education in responding to issues such as migration and climate change, and how to ensure research and policy ideals are implemented in practice; challenges key to the aims of the InterCap project.