2018 Transnational Strategy Paper on Mentor Partnership released

In 2018, the Mentor Partnerships between partner countries in the frame of the InterCap project were established. The strategic aim for year 1 has been the identification and the involvement of key mentor partners from teacher training institutions, mainly from universities and CSOs, and set the basis for the creation of a sense of ownership of key project outputs among the implicated target groups through exchanges of good practices and the review of educational material produced by the project partners.

Partners and mentor partners meet in online environments at regular intervals to provide insights, opinions and feedback on the project development process and the outputs produced. During the 1st year, they provided reviews for all face-to-face and online modules. Overall, most materials for InterCap training face-to face and on-line modules have clear direction and are of high quality

The mentor partners are satisfied by the fact that all InterCap training materials are available on-line, with some modules translated in partner’s languages which makes much easier access to wider circle of practitioners.

Read the InterCap 2018 Transnational Strategy Paper developed by the Mentor Partnership here