Collection of good practices in teaching issues of migration, sustainability and development education by Mentor partners

Sustainable education is needed more than ever and educational system should have answer and prepare students for challenges our world is facing every day.

As part of Mentor Partnership activity, mentor partners from 12 countries have identified and provided examples of good practices and existing national programs focusing on issues of migration, sustainability and development education.

This Collection of Good Practices provides material and ideas to university and CSO trainers, and even pre-service and in-service teacher, to adopt in their everyday teaching practice and/or adapt existing material or initiatives considering their national context and needs. It is also a good source of information for stakeholders, decision and policy makers, local and national authorities.

In this collection, we compiled: handbooks; training programmes from formal and non-formal education; and relevant projects. Each of them is shortly described in this Collection with important links and useful contacts.

You can find here the full „Collection of good practices“ identified by the InterCap mentor partners.