InterCap project has set ambitious targets in terms of stakeholders to outreach, actively engaged within the project and expected to acquire ownership of the outcomes. 30.000 education stakeholders and decision-makers are expected to be reached and informed about the project. The Community of Practice (CoP) has been thought and set-up to support InterCap partners’ in their dissemination efforts and to promote the active involvement and contribution of relevant stakeholders to the project. Specifically, the CoP is intended to provide a venue for partners, associates and interested stakeholders (including Public Institutions, Local Authorities, Civil Society Organisations, University) to learn and discuss issues relating to project implementation in all partner countries and at EU level, exchange knowledge and ideas on InterCap topics in order to maximize the project impact and enrich its knowledge base.

The present Annual High Level Communication Paper outlines the approach that InterCap partners will follow in the next project six months to maximize the dissemination effectiveness and engage relevant stakeholders. The approach has been defined during the first yearly online meeting of the CoP Steering Committee (held on the 2nd of October 2018) and fine-tuned during the project general meeting held on the 10th – 11th October 2018. Briefly, the proposed approach:

  1. Focuses dissemination on tangible outputs delivered by the project each year;
  2. Intends to differentiate the outputs and messages to be disseminated according to the different stakeholders’ categories to be reached;
  3. Suggests to expand the outreach beyond Europe borders to discover organisations and initiatives dealing with InterCap core issues that could be an added value to its knowledge base;
  4. Recommends to capitalize on EU level organisations’ channels and members’ networks and on synergies with similar initiatives in the EU and single Member States;
  5. Suggests to exploit informal communication channels & teachers dedicated channels/ social media.

The Paper also contains the Press Release illustrating InterCap tangible outputs accomplished in Year 1, which will be circulated by the CoP to EU and national stakeholders.

Read our Communication Paper and our main achievements for the 1st year here