MOOCs4Inclusion: A comprehensive catalogue of learning resources to bolster integration

MOOCs4Inclusion has successfully completed its quest to map and catalogue available free digital learning (FDL) initiatives for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

InterCap project has set ambitious targets in terms of stakeholders to outreach, actively engaged within the project and expected to acquire ownership of the outcomes. 30.000 education stakeholders and decision-makers are expected to be reached and informed about the project.

On Monday 12th November, Kopin organised in Malta the info session "Sustainable Development, Migration and the SDGs: Training and Resources for Educators” at Europe House in Valletta, to present the upcoming InterCap training package.

The 1st Annual InterCap International Conference INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION: WAYS FORWARD successfully took place in Theater hall, Vilnius University..