26 focus groups with more than 130 stakeholders at European level in the fields of education and migration were carried out in 12 EU countries from the InterCap project partners as a key element of the comprehensive Audit on migration, sustainability and development education. The aim of the field research was to collect the needs, the perceptions, and the expectations of teacher trainers, pre-service and in-service teachers, academics, officers from ministries and governmental authorities initiatives in order to ensure that the Training Package to be developed as well as the other awareness raising activities and workshops planned in the frame of InterCap are well-informed and based on their real needs.

Focus Group in Cyprus

The results from the field research, along with findings from the desk-based part, will be included in the Transnational Audit Report, currently prepared by the Diversity Development Group, to be published in May 2018 on our website. In addition, recommendations shall be included in the Executive Summary for decision-makers, which partners will circulate to more than 1300 education representatives in at least 12 EU countries. Stay tuned!

Focus Group in Croatia