The 1st Online Meeting of the mentor partnership between partners and training institutions was held on 29th May 2018. The aim behind the Activity 1.1.3 1st online meeting, was to coordinate the activity. The idea behind this activity is to primarily support the development and integration of the Training Package in the regular activities of the institutions.

As discussed during the meeting, in 2018, Mentor Partnership members will exchange good practices and existing national programs focusing on issues of migration, sustainability and development education. Each partner institution will present at least 1 or 2 exemplary practices on national level in accordance to the provided guidelines.

In addition, the Mentor Partnerships will analyse online modules and provide their feedback in order to make the necessary adjustments in the materials for making the material usable for them and their training institutions. The idea behind this activity is to provide real contribution from mentor partnership members to enrich and adjust our Curriculum, so that we are able to produce relevant materials for them.

Finally, the Mentor Partnerships will provide input, review and make recommendations for the 1st Annual Strategy Paper.