The 1st online meeting of the Community of Practice took place on 2nd October 2018 involving InterCap partners and a representative from CONCORD Europe.

The meeting focused on the definition of an effective communication strategy to maximize the project outreach and resonance across European institutions, CSOs, teachers and their trainers.

Ideas and suggestions on suitable approaches and channels (e.g. face-to-face events to disseminate InterCap project, use of different communication materials for different target groups, social media platforms dedicated to teachers, EU and extra-EU organizations to get in touch with, etc.) for an effective communication were shared among participants. They will be gathered in the 1st High Level Communication Paper to be delivered by end October 2018. It will guide project communication efforts in the next year 2019.

The High Level Communication Paper will include a Press release illustrating focusing on evidence gathered by the “Audit on migration, sustainable development and (in)security” that will be circulated among most suitable stakeholders, mainly institutions, CSOs and universities working on migration, sustainable development and (in)security.